Tandem Lawn Mower Trailer

This plan is for a tough, flexible and versatile dual axle mower trailer in the size (8 x 5 ft.) 2400×1500. The Subframe is of strong RHS with plenty of support using 5 cross members. The body parts can be made at most trailer suppliers and sheet metal shops. Plans include an easy operated drop tail gate, just pull down on a safety catch and lower gate for ride on mowers.

Included in this Trailer Plan
  • Drawings
  • Pictures
  • Part and cut lists
  • Construction tips
  • General advice
  • All in PDF file Format



With the plans, you will be able to build your own trailer, and save a lot of money, as to buy a trailer like this is very expensive, there is so many options to this one, above is just one of those with only the front boxes included.

The drop tailgate makes this Trailer so handy whether you want to carry a ride-on Mower, or just to carry rubbish.

The use of a full rear Mudguard Gusset allows the user to be able to walk along the side of the loaded trailer, also a support bar can be added to help to support the tandem Mudguard and allows the wiring to be placed inside the SHS and up to the Clearance Lights.

A View of the Trailer with all the Boxes removed.

With this Option, it makes the Trailer very inexpensive to Build, along with only the Side gussets needing to be folded up saving money again.

An Optional drop in H-Type Rack to carry longer objects.

Checker Plate or other steel sheets like Galvanize steel can be used to build the trailer sheet metal parts for e.g. Mudguards, inner guards and gussets.

The plans conform to the Australian National Code of Practice – Building Small Trailers (VSB1). Trailers built to comply with this code of practice can be registered for on-road use in Australia


    Tandem Dual Axle Lawn Mower Trailer
  • Size – 8 x 5 ft. (2400 x 1500 mm)
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) – (Single Braked Axle 2000kg)
  • (Dual Electric Braked Axles with Brake Away System 3400kg)
  • Weight of Trailer Only (Tare) approximately 500kg
  • Chassis Construction – RHS
  • Tandem Roller Rocker Suspension
  • Drop Down Rear and Front Gate Doors
  • Drop Down and Lift Up Tail Gate
  • Removable Ladder Racks
  • Side Tool Boxes
  • Ideal for Landscapers
  • Swing up Jockey Wheel
  • Spare Wheel Mount