2.4 Metre Hydraulic Tipping Flat Top Trailer

The Plans of this Trailer are for a long lasting and durable Trailer with Roller Rocker Tandem Suspension, solid Axles, drop and removable sides and tailgate, with an approx. tipping angle of 45°, using a 6 stage Hydraulic Cylinder and a 12-volt power pack and pump system, which can be placed in a tool box on the drawbar or inserted in the bottom Subframe underneath the top deck. This Trailer is built to the average size of a standard Ute Tray of 2440 x 1830 mm, which is ideal for the loading and unloading with the use of forklifts due to the drop sides and tailgate, also the trailer can reach a rating of 3500 kg with the use of the required rated components, such as Axles, springs, brakes, coupling and break-away system

Included in this Trailer Plan
  • Drawings
  • Pictures
  • Part and cut lists
  • Construction tips
  • General advice
  • All in PDF file Format

This plan contains some DXF AutoCAD files



This trailer can be made up to suit your needs.

This Trailer can be built with several Hydraulic Setups to suit your needs.

This Trailer is equipped with 3 Drop down and removable Gates.

A Safety Post is fitted to the Upper Deck for when maintenance is needed.

Tandem Roller Rocker Suspension used to carry this Tandem Trailer, the Brake and Axle setup will depend on the required weight rating needed, there are many Types of Braking System that can be used, such as Mechanical, Electric or even Hydraulic.

The Subframe can be made to suit having the Hydraulic Power Pack Pump fitted underneath the top deck.

A View of the rear of the Trailer.

The plans conform to the Australian National Code of Practice – Building Small Trailers (VSB1). Trailers built to comply with this code of practice can be registered for on-road use in Australia


Trailer Type:
Flat Top – Hydraulic Lift
Load Area:
2440 x 1830 mm
Maximum ATM:
3500 kg (when fitted with the required running gear)
Tare Weight:
Approx. 500 kg
Suspension Type:
Roller Rocker Suspension. (To the required leaf amount and thickness for weight rating)
Coupling Type:
50 mm 3500 kg electric coupling
Overall Trailer Size:
4320 L x 1830 W x 1560 H. (depending on wheel height)
Construction Materials:
Various sizes of RHS, SHS and sheet metal.
Safety Chains:
2 to the required ratings of the trailer