• Flat Top Trailer

    Flat Top Trailer

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    Hydraulic Lift Box Trailer

  • Dove Tail Car Trailer

    Dove Tail Car Trailer


Welcome to builtrite trailer plans

Build your own trailer and save money.

At Builtrite Trailer Plans our goals are to provide highly detailed DIY (do it yourself) trailer plans to the public in a simple to read format that anyone can understand without having to be an Engineer or a Tradesman at an affordable price and to save you a lot of money from having to get them made at a Trailer Manufacturer as anything Custom seems to cost more even though most of the time it takes no more time or material to build, and one of the main areas to save money is on Trailer Parts so make sure you shop around.

We supply our Trailer Plans in PDF format, including assembly guides, photos, Cut Lists, DXF or DWG for parts that may be laser cut or by CNC machines, other parts may be drawn in these formats upon request, we have also created some assembly videos to show any of the public with no experience on how they can build the trailers – Videos Get started today, look through our Trailer Plans and choose the right one to suit your needs, or if there is something Custom that you may need, feel free to contact us via email or through the contact form on our Website.

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